Hanko is the sunniest place in Finland, if not in the whole Baltic Sea area, and it offers beach experiences for everyone.

Hanko has 130 kilometres of shoreline, 30 of which consists of beaches with fine sand, and the rest of beautiful rocky coves. In the cliff labyrinths you are bound to find a quiet nook for yourself, your blanket, and your book. Breathe the fresh sea air and enjoy! You can choose a beach in the town centre or further away amidst nature. Locals choose their beach on the basis of the direction of the wind, as the temperature of the sea in the summertime may depend on the wind.


Find your favourite beach


Bellevue is a shallow and calm beach located east of Plagen. There are three beach huts and a portable toilet. Pro tip! The water in Kolaviken can be...


In Hangonkylä there is a bathing hut suitable for people with disabilities. The hut is in use during the summer months. Next to it is a small sandy...

Lappohja Beach

This beautiful long beach is located between Hanko and Tammisaari. It is perfect for sunbathing and long walks all year around.


Diving tower with three levels.


A perfect beach for families with children. The beach is shallow and child-friendly, and there is a unique water carousel in 50-60 cm depth. When the...


Silversand is a small beach on the north side of the Hanko cape next to the camping area. Here you can take a plunge into the sea in the evening, and...


Slaktis is a shallow, small beach situated in the western part of the Hanko cape. The water is often very warm, and the afternoon sun is potent....

Tulliniemi Beach

The Tulliniemi beach is windy with beautiful sand dunes. The first part of the beach, that lies directly beneath the parking lot, is reserved for...

Please note that dogs are not allowed to run free in public places, but should be held in leash. The Finnish Hunting Act states that dogs must be kept on a