By bike in Hanko

By biking through this beautiful coastal city, you get to explore it with all your senses. Prepare yourself to see amazing views, feel the breeze, scent the ocean, hear the birds singing and taste a part of Hanko if you decide to stop for a snack or a meal at one of the local cafes or restaurants.

Rent a bike

Cafferie Merikatu 1, tel. +358 (0)44 777 0741
SunFun Hanko (Summer) Eastern harbor, tel. +358 (0)40 414 5681

Hanko Rental Bike Aarne Karjalaisen tie,
Hanko tourist office (Two fatbikes for adults in the summer) Bulevardi 6, tel. +358 (0)19 220 3411

Supervivo (Summer) Appelgrenintie 33, tel. +358 (0)50 564 3563


Welcome Cyclist-program

The Welcome Cyclist -program is designed to make life easier for bike travellers looking for useful services. Welcome Cyclitst -companies welcome bike travellers even when muddy, providing them with safe bike storage, pumps and basic tools, a charging point, and information about routes, services and bike services in the area.

Welcome Cyclist-companies in Hanko:

Camping Silversand
Eddie´s Fish & Chips
Folkia Center
Hotel Bulevard

Alternatively, you can ride from Helsinki to Hanko and experience the vivid countryside of Länsiuusimaa. Along the road you will pass Siuntio, Inkoo, Fagervik
Why is Hanko unique as a trail biking destination? There are more than 160 kilometers of biking trails on Hanko peninsula, and in addition to those, a fair
Orienteering by bike in Hanko 17th June-16th August. Find all controls and figure out the word from the letters on the controls. Get your map and form (only

Information for a trail biker

Etiquette for a trail biker:

  • The nature and the trails are for everyone to enjoy. Remember to be respectful towards other people
  • Control your speed to keep everyone safe. As you probably are the one going the fastest, you are obligated to make way for others
  • Keep to the existing routes and trails
  • Using a helmet should be considered self-evident
  • Avoid areas consisting of fragile nature
  • Follow the rules of the area and routes and do not litter
  • Be considerate against the residents of the area, the landowners and the administrators of the route
  • Enjoying nature and the right of public access, also means remembering the obligations that comes with the rights!

Where to turn if your bike needs repairing or spare parts:

  • Sportia (tel +358 40 842 1787, Esplanaadi 126)
  • Tokmanni (tel +358 30 047 2063, Santalantie 21 A)
  • Hangon Pyörähuolto (tel +358 19 248 7904, Esplanaadi 92).

Note the following: These stores might not necessarily have parts for trail bikes, so it is recommended that you carry spare parts with you if possible.

Guided tours and other activities

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