The nature of Hanko

The water sparkles from three directions on the compass, and nearly all roads lead to the Sea. In Hanko the season is right now.

Fall in love with winter, meet spring with joy, enjoy summer and let yourself be embraced by the cosy autumn. Come find your own favorite spot by the sea!

Throw yourself into nature

Experience the southernmost point of Hanko

We take our bikes (6 km in total) to the southernmost peninsula of Finland and hike (6.6 km in total) all the way to the southernmost point of the...

Seal Safari to the outer archipelago

Take a trip to the outer archipelago to see the grey seals living in the Baltic Sea. There are over 12 000 grey seals and with a bit of luck you can...

Guided Forest bathing

During a forest bath you´ll get to experience the Finnish nature with all your senses. The qualified guide gently guides you to an overall feeling...

Dick Forsman, ornithologist

Hot Spot for birdwatchers

In the early spring, March and April, one can see lots of migratory birds, when the rest of Finland is still in hibernation. The best spots are the shores

When in Hanko

Find the giant´s kettle

Did you know that the giant´s kettles were formed when the fresh water after the melting of Ice Age glaciers made one or several stones rotate during a longer period of time. On Puistovuoret you can find the most famous giant’s kettle in Hanko, about three metres deep and a metre wide.

Experience the unique Pike´s Gut

On one of the rocky islands outside Tulliniemi lies a unique, sheltered island with 640 preserved rock carvings. This ”Guestbook of the Archipelago” holds the names and coats of arms of nobility, soldiers and merchants. The earliest carvings are from the 16th century. You can reach the island by cruise boat in July-August or with your own boat or kayak.

Hop on a bike and ride around Hanko

Rent a bike and widen your horizons. You can follow the 19 km long signposted bike route that goes around the whole town. Stop for coffee or lunch on the way or bring your own lunch bag. Maps are available at the tourist office.

Here you’ll find a track that is perfect for you.

Hanko is a charming place all year round and there are many places worth discovering. You can choose a historic theme for your walk or just go with the flow