You can choose between a wide range of activities in Hanko. We offer excellent possibilities for golf, tennis and horseback riding. Or you can choose to bike around the city, go for a walk in the woods or play in the sports park.


Hanko offers the longest season in Finland, the golf course is often open for players from early spring to December. Par 72 and 18 hole green...

Disc golf

You can borrow discs from the tourist office. There are three disc golf tracks in Hanko. Contact the tourist office for further information.

Beach volley

There are two beach volley nets in Hanko: one on the Regatta beach (at the end of Bulevardi) and the other one at the Plagen beach.


Tennis is a part of the summer in Hanko. Besides the yearly Tennis week there are also other competitions organized in here. Tennis has a long...


Find dozens of caches in Hanko, become familiar with the interesting history of the town and enjoy our incredibly beautiful landscapes.

Rent a kayak

Prices for kayak rentals 2020: Single kayak 2 hours: 40 €, 6 hours: 50 €, 24 hours: 60 € Tandem kayak 2 hours: 50 €, 6 hours: 60 €, 24...


Hanko skatepark is situated next to the sports court Feffe Park. It is about 300 m2 big and built in steel concrete, steel and granit. There is also...

Winter swimming

Winter swimming refreshes the body as well as the mind and is also a proven health activity. You can feel the effects of winter swimming even after...

Architecture walk in Hanko

Hanko was established in 1874 as a result of Finland needing a winter harbour. The town grew at a rapid pace, and the all year round harbour combined...

Sports ground Feffe Park

In the center of Hanko you will find a multipurpose sports ground called Feffe Park. The ground is lit up between 7.00 and 21.00. The sports ground...

Bike rental

SunFun Hanko Eastern harbor, tel. +358 (0)40 414 5681

Ekströmin kalapuoti Hangonkylä harbor, tel: +358 (0)19 248 9101

Supervivo Appelgrenintie 33, tel. +358 (0)50 564 3563

Hanko tourist office Raatihuoneentori 5, tel. +358 (0)19 220 3411

Cafferie Merikatu 1, tel. +358 (0)44 777 0741

Peninsula Bike Rental Honkatie 7, tel. +358 (0)44 555 7532

Carfield tel. +358 (0)46 811 8970

Hanko is a charming place all year round and there are many places worth discovering. You can choose a historic theme for your walk or just go with the flow