What sustainability means to us

The strategy for Hanko town 2025 – one of the goals in the strategy of Hanko, the seaside town of good life, is that Hanko is carbon neutral in 2030. The goal is reflected in all the town’s operations, acquisitions and investments.

A sustainably growing town values ​​nature, saves natural resources and reduces emissions. Climate work is intended to create an urban environment that promotes well-being and health in Hanko, as well as attract services to residents and tourists. In Hanko’s updated tourism strategy, we define that sustainable tourism is tourism that takes current and future economic, socio-cultural and environmental impacts into account.

We want to learn, develop and become more advanced. Therefore we joined Visit Finland’s Sustainable Travel Finland work. With that, we take an even more active role in promoting sustainable tourism. STF helps to identify actors committed to sustainable tourism in the region.

The future success of tourism destinations and tourism companies will be determined by how they consider sustainable development in their operations. Tourists’ decision-making is guided by values ​​and attitudes. Stakeholders’ demands towards operators in the tourism industry are increasingly public, and the discussion about responsibility is prominently held in the media.

In order to create successful business operations, tourism companies must be increasingly interested in monitoring and measuring the effects of their own operations on the economy, the environment and society. We want to emphasize the strengths of our region’s tourism, such as nature, locality and responsibility. Responsibility increases competitiveness, enables companies to succeed and affects Hanko’s success as a tourist destination.

The responsible tourist destination has a good reputation that attracts customers all year round, including from abroad. A good reputation is not built only by marketing, but is earned by doing reliable and responsible actions and telling about them. In terms of the success of tourism in Hanko, the choices of each operator are important. We want to be involved in making Finland a leading country in sustainable tourism.

Are you interested in joining Visit Finland’s Sustainable Travel Finland program? Please contact Director of Tourism Kira Marschan.

Kira Marschan
Director of Tourism

Tel. 040 731 9985