Traveling to Hanko by boat quickly reveals that the town is the perfect headquarters for when you desire great harbour services, and for both short and extensive trips to the archipelago.

Hanko is one of many boaters´ favourites, not least because of the fantastic nature and the views, but also very much for the location. Hanko is the gate to the Baltic Sea and many of those who come here do so out of tradition, returning every year.

From the fifteenth century on, the Pike’s Gut (Hauensuoli), a narrow strait between two islands, was used as a harbour. The rocks on the islands are covered with people’s names and coats of arms, carved by seamen while they waited for more favourable winds.

Good to know

St1 Eastern Harbour and St1 Hangonkylä

Rent a bike

Boating accessories
Hanko Car- and Boathouse

Winter storage of boats
Hanko Boat Yard & AG Marine

Drinking water refill
HSF Marine

Laundry room
HSF Marine

Guest harbours

Hangonkylä Harbour

The harbour is located 3 km from the town centre, on the northern side of Hanko near the archipelago. The harbour is Hanko’s biggest marina for...

Itämeren Portti

Itämeren Portti is an equity-based marina and guest harbour. The harbour is located at Smultrongrundet, directly outside the Eastern harbour in...

HSF Marine

In the marina, we have room for 220 boats. We have 31 boat slips that are bookable in advance from the online booking system and 120m of pier...