Responsibility deeds in Hanko

  • Hanko has signed a contract regarding carbon neutral municipalities This means that the town is committed to achieve reducing carbon neural emission by 80 percent by 2030


  • Hanko – capital of solar energy! The town has built 12 solar power stations on the roofs of the council buildings. The electricity is used in the buildings in question. This is sound economically and makes sense environmentally.


  • Hanko council owns electric cars that the employees may use. Residents and tourists are allowed to use them according to availability. There’s an app for it, so using is convenient.


  • In Hanko distances between places are short and it’s easy to use a bicycle for getting from A to B. The town is ideal for cycling. There are local companies that you can identify them from their Welcome Cyclist -badge. Further information Bikeland.fiRead more about cycling in Hanko.



  • An area of the town is part of a national urban park. Read about national urban parks on
    Ministry of the Environment and National urban parks in Finland. The goal of a national urban park is to treasure and cherish the unique cultural and national environment. In the national urban park there are for example five conservation area that are mostly included in natura-2000-network. This is a significant amount of conservation areas in proportion to its size.



  • Hanko Tourist Office and five other companies in Hanko are taking part in Sustainable Travel Finland program. The target is to receive the STF-certificate in order for travellers to identify sustainable travel companies. Hanko Tourist Office is aiming to have Hanko as an STF certified resort.