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Combine effective meetings with relaxing free time in Hanko, a town where the sea meets the land. Even on the mainland, you´re in the archipelago. Here you will find time and space for your thoughts.

Bring your group to Finland’s South where everything is close – you never have to spend time or energy being stuck in traffic. Hanko is easily accessible by train, bus or car. The ride from Helsinki or Turku takes about two hours.

Start planning your trip by letting us know what your needs and wishes are. Hanko Tourist Office is your local expert in making your plans come true!

Choose a bus tour, a walk with a special theme or a bike tour. We actualize guided tours according to your wishes, alternatives range from a visit to the Water
Float in freedom. Relax. Feel the sea with all your senses. Starfloating is a maritime adventure. It offers you the chance to experience a highlight of your
Welcome and enjoy these activities with a group of friends or your company’s

Nature Experiences

Wild herb walk

Head off on a wild herb walk together with a group and an experienced guide and get access to naturally growing herbs! Get to know the most common...

Guided photo excursion

Want to become a better photographer? Or find the best photo motifs in Hanko? By hiring a local photographer and guide, you can combine both wishes...

Experience the southernmost point of Hanko

We take our bikes (6 km in total) to the southernmost peninsula of Finland and hike (6.6 km in total) all the way to the southernmost point of the...

Soulfood & Outdoor
Hanko Events is your local party planner. Planning to throw a beach party? This and much more is organized by Hanko

Seaside Experiences

Cruises to Bengtskär

The tallest lighthouse in the Nordics, Bengtskär, rises a majestic 52 meters above sea level. If you want to experience the magnificent view, you...

Seal Safari to the outer archipelago

Take a trip to the outer archipelago to see the grey seals living in the Baltic Sea. There are over 12 000 grey seals and with a bit of luck you can...

Pike’s Gut and Gustavsvärn

Gustavsvärn is the best kept part of a four-part fortress on an islet outside of Hanko. The fortress was built by the Swedes in the late 18th...