Hanko Seaside

Spend an unforgettable day at the sea. Outside the coastline of Hanko you can find three magnificent lighthouses and many picturesque islands, that you can reach by your own boat (except Russarö) or by cruise from the Eastern Harbour.

Visit the tallest lighthouse in the Nordics, Bengtskär, observe seals of the Baltic Sea on a cruise in the outer archipelago or take a look at the historical rock carvings at Pikes’s Gut. Alternatively take a day trip to the island of Gunnarsören – a real experience in the nature. Maybe you will even spend the night in this gorgeous place.

Archipelago cruises

Cruises to Bengtskär

The tallest lighthouse in the Nordics, Bengtskär, rises a majestic 52 meters above sea level. If you want to experience the magnificent view, you...

Pike’s Gut and Gustavsvärn

Gustavsvärn is the best kept part of a four-part fortress on an islet outside of Hanko. The fortress was built by the Swedes in the late 18th...

Seal Safari to the outer archipelago

Take a trip to the outer archipelago to see the grey seals living in the Baltic Sea. There are over 12 000 grey seals and with a bit of luck you can...

Jetski Rental located in the Eastern Harbour (Satamakatu) of Hanko. The rental is open daily 11am-6pm in summer. Weather permitted. Age-limit 16 years if they
We offer charter trips for small groups from Hanko to east and west. The destination can be, for example, Högsåra, Kasnäs or Ekenäs. Every charter is
Alternatively, you can ride from Helsinki to Hanko and experience the vivid countryside of Länsiuusimaa. Along the road you will pass Siuntio, Inkoo, Fagervik


Would you like to find an island to spend the night on right on the outskirts of the archipelago? You will live one with nature, get up with the...

Sea kayaking tour

Are you looking for nature activities? Take a guided sea kayaking tour in Hanko’s beautiful waters.

SUP Station

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Do you want to learn how to dive, go surfing or maybe try winter bathing? Here you can also find information about beaches, fishing and rental