Hanko has had an active cultural life throughout its existence. The aesthetic environment feeds creativity. 

There are many galleries, museums, and exhibitions for you to visit, and you can even converse with the artists in their own home galleries.

Go for a sculpture tour

Many sculptors have made their imprint in Hanko.

  • Bird (Carl-Gustaf Lilius), Sibelius park, Esplanaadi
  • Conciliation (Catharina Kajander), Raatihuoneentori
  • The Cloud Woman (Carl-Gustaf Lilius), The Municipal Library
  • Fish in the Water Tower (Einar Sandberg), Kirkkomäki
  • The Guardian Angel (Carl-Gustaf Lilius), The New Cemetery
  • Lenore (Carl-Gustaf Lilius), Jussi Lundmark park, Esplanaadi
  • Marielle (Sten Fogelberg), Raatihuoneentori
  • Oystercatcher (Pirkko Nukari), Vuorikatu
  • Sea snake (Muddle Lilius, Kristian Kober, Heikki Räsänen), Vuorikatu
  • Wind from the sea (Rafael Saifulin), Rantakatu
  • The Koverhar Iron and Steel Plant Memorial (Heikki Kukkonen), Koverharintie

Galleries and museums open all year round

Hanko Museum

The Museum of Hanko presents, researches and preserves the history of Hanko since 1909. The Museum of Hanko is located in the old factory facilities...

Hanko Front Museum

The Hanko Front Museum is located in a culturally and historically significant place, where the border between Finland and Soviet union ran from 1940...

The municipal library and gallery and artotheque

Changing exhibitions all year round in the gallery, and local art to rent and for sale in the artotheque. Further information on the webpage. ...

Town Hall Art Gallery

Changing exhibitions all year round. Further information on the webpage.

Alan’s café: exhibitions

Smaller, changing art exhibitions all year round.

The Old Bank on Bulevardi

Are you looking for an inspiring and unusual creative meeting space for a day or two? Architect Ernst G. Hedman designed the Bank on Bulevardi for...

Sink down into a soft dark red velvet seat, and you will be transferred back in time to Hanko in the 1940s. Kino Olympia is a real pearl amongst cinemas and

Yrjö Sahlstedt

A guides recommendations

– Guided tours with their limited time seldom allow longer walks, but I can always recommend excursions on your own to some of my own favourite spots