The dog friendly Hanko

Come to Hanko for a vacation with your best friend. Most of the town’s accommodations, restaurants and cafés welcome you and your dog.

Dog friendly restaurants and cafés

Observe that the dog has to get a long with other dogs and humans. The dog has to be on leash and the chairs is meant for humans if not otherwise told. Everybody has to be able to enjoy their time in the restaurant.

Favorite dog walks


  • Tulliniemi nature patha nice longer walk and you walk on both on rocky roads and in the forest. In the end of the path you get the feeling of being in the archipelago.
  • Kone forest – the dog park is close and the forest is really big
  • Puistovuoreta nice walk in the “city”
  • Bellevuewalk along Bellevue beach to the House of the Four Winds and Mannerheimintie back
  • Peikon Polku nature trail – perfect for dogs in all sizes

Dog friendly accommodation places

Regatta SPA Hotel

Hotel Bulevard

Hotel Villa Maija

Villa Aurora

Tellina & Thalatta

Villa Garbo – only during low season

Folkia Center