Kids love Hanko

The legendary playground in the Kirkkopuisto park, shallow beaches, water merry-go-round at the Plagen beach, skate ramp, exciting nature spots, bike orienteering…

Hanko offers something for everyone!

On this page you will find activities and tips for kids and families. Even if life in Hanko is outside, there are things to do on a rainy day, if you would rather spend the day under a roof.

(But we are’t made of sugar, are we)

Plan your day

Frisbee golf

In Hanko you can play frisbee golf on no less than three different courses in wonderful landscapes and varied terrain. You can borrow discs from the...

Hanko Water Tower

The tower stands 65 m above sea level, and there is a fantastic view in all directions over the cape of Hanko and the Baltic Sea. The tower is 48...

Peikon Polku nature trail

Peikonpolku is situated on the northern shore of the Hankoniemi peninsula (see location on the map). Along the nature trail one can find a common...

Rent a Jopo bike

Rent a bike and widen your views. You can follow the 19-km-long signposted bike route that goes around the whole town. Stop for coffee or lunch on...


Hanko skatepark is situated next to the sports court Feffe Park. It is about 300 m2 big and built in steel concrete, steel and granit. There is also...

Sports ground Feffe Park

In the center of Hanko you will find a multipurpose sports ground called Feffe Park. The ground is lit up between 7.00 and 21.00. The sports ground...

Kino Olympia – a rare treasure

Sink down into a soft dark red velvet seat, and you will be transferred back in time to Hanko in the 1940s. Kino Olympia is a real pearl amongst...

The wildlife in Hanko

Take a walk on the beach and gather stones and mussel shells that have floated ashore. Do you recognize three of our most common mussels and how they...

When kids get to choose the beach


Plagen is the favourite beach for families with children. The beach is shallow and child-friendly. When there are southerly winds the water is often warm. On this popular beach you can find the unique water carousel in 50-60 cm-deep water. There is also a playground, beachvolley, minigolf, sup, 10 beach huts, a toilet and a café.



In Hangonkylä there is a bathing hut suitable for people with disabilities. The hut is in use during the summer months. Next to it is a small sandy beach, where the water is often warm during northerly winds. Nearby there is also a supervised diving tower, which is open daily in the summer. On the beach there are two beach huts, one of which is suitable for people with disabilities.


Silversand is a small beach on the north side of the Hanko cape next to the camping area. Here you can take a plunge into the sea in the evening, and enjoy the sunset at the same time. When there is a northerly wind the water is often warm. The beach has a beach hut and toilets.