Hanko Water Tower

The tower stands 65 m above sea level, and there is a fantastic view in all directions over the cape of Hanko and the Baltic Sea. The tower is 48 meters high in total. An elevator will take you all the way up and the entrance fee is paid up in the tower.

It is possible to visit the Water Tower during other times by booking a guide who comes with you to the tower. Bookings can be done through the tourist office.

Opening hours:

Easter (8th-9th April)
Sat-Sun 11-15

Wed-Fri 14-17
Sat 11-15
NB! Thu 18th May 11-15.

1st June- 27th August
Mon-Sat 11-17
Sun 11-15

28th August – 1st September
Mon-Fri 14-17

Sat 11-15