Tulliniemi nature trail and the southernmost point of Finland

Where the mainland ends, you will encounter the endless sea and extraordinary maritime nature. On the southernmost tip you will find the Tulliniemi nature trail with its softly rounded cliffs, forest and meadows, high points from which there is a view, and a rich bird life.
The Uddskatan water area with its beaches was placed under protection as a valuable bird spot already in 1933. The present Uddskatan nature reserve was established in the year 1990 and is part of the Tulliniemi bird sanctuary, which in turn is part of Finland’s Natura 2000 network. The dry meadows and the different types of sand in the area are particularly unique.

The tip of the cape of Hanko is a shelter for many endangered species and a resting place for birds. The area offers an excellent opportunity for bird watching and research. The ornithological association Tringa sustains a bird station lodged in an old fisherman’s hut right by the sea and the association systematically observes and marks birds.
Follow the designated markings (painted white) along the trail and avoid disturbing the wildlife during your visit to the nature reserve. The nature path is 6,7 km long and you can only visit on foot (no cars or bikes). The path is occasionally rough and is not suitable for disabled people. At this point there is no service in the area.