Lighthouses and islands

Outside of the coastline in Hanko you find three magnificent lighthouses and many picturesque islands, where you can get by boat or by booking a cruise from the Eastern Harbour.

Visit the Nordic countries biggest lighthouse, Bengtskär. Or take a day trip to the island of Gunnarsörarna – a real nature experience. Maybe you will even spend the night in this gorgeous atmosphere.

Archipelago cruises

Cruises to Bengtskär

Being the tallest lighthouse within the Nordic countries, Bengtskär rises a majestic 52 meters above sea level. If you want to experience the...

Pike’s Gut and Gustavsvärn

Gustavsvärn is the best kept part of a four-part larger whole of fortresses outside Hanko. The little islet contains the ruins of a fortress built...

Seal Safari to the outer archipelago

Take a trip to the outer archipelago to see the grey seals living in the Baltic Sea. There are over 12 000 grey seals and with a bit of luck you can...

Take a trip to Gunnarsörarna

The food always tastes better outdoors. Enjoy a day in nature and finish it with a barbecue over an open fire by the windbreak.

A Finnish laavu (lean-to, wooden wind shelter) is a temporary outdoors residence, often equipped with a campfire. In Hanko you can find a laavu on the islands called Gunnarsörarna, situated southwest of Hanko.


Yrjö Sahlstedt

A guides recommendations

– Guided tours with their limited time seldom allow longer walks, but I can always recommend excursions on your own to some of my own favourite spots