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Trail biking in Hanko – A trail biker’s pointers

Why is Hanko unique as a trail biking destination?

There are more than 160 kilometers of biking trails on Hanko peninsula, and in addition to those, a fair amount gravel roads. The soil is mostly sand which absorbs any dampness remarkably quickly, and is not prone to erosion. When winter comes and the rest of the country is suffering from muddy and icy trails, you’re most likely able to hit the trails year round in Hanko – with summer tires.

There isn’t much altitude difference to talk about in Hanko, but you can always cheat yourself to it by riding headwind. If you’re lucky, you might find an occasional rock on the trail, and very few roots – it’s all about flow trails, which makes the area perfect trail biking ground for the entire family. Be it e-bike or your body pushing the pedals, the trails are just as challenging as you make them. The faster you pedal, the more fun it is, but anyone can tackle these trails.


What makes Hanko exceptional as a trail biking destination?

The peninsula is rather narrow, you’re basically always by the coastline, or between the two roads and the railroad. Thus getting lost is very challenging. However, finding the correct trail can be more of a challenge, as there are parallel trails going just meters apart. If you’re not riding with a local guide, it’s worthwhile to have either a phone app or a proper bicycle computer to show you around. If you end up riding a wide and boring trail, have a look around – there’s a good chance that the perfect trail is on the other side of the tree.


Where do you find the best trails?

In the Stormärsan area, between the abandoned railway and the sea there are loads of fun trails zigzagging around. It’s truly a trail biking park – you cannot get lost here! There are also lots of trails around the cemetery – on both sides of the railroad – with easier and more challenging trails to choose from.

In case you’re up for a longer ride, choose one of the trails going eastbound from Silversand Camping – there are nice trails to choose from on both sides of the highway all the way to Lappohja. The sand dunes in Lappohja are worth a visit on their own right. From there on you can keep riding on to Predium and Skogby, and from there on to Tammisaari through Leksvall, or return back to Hanko via the remains of the old Russian constructed railroad (from the wartimes).


What should you consider when coming to Hanko for trail biking?

You’re not alone in the forest: In addition to the moose, deer and horses there are also dogs and humans. Pay attention to people and animals around you, slow down when approaching and don’t forget to smile! There’s also a good amount of hunting going on in the forests, so wear bright colors to cheer yourself and to be visible. Make sure you have something to eat and drink on your ride – and leave no trace!


What is the best time for visiting Hanko for trail biking?

Anytime of the year – especially in the winter months when the possibilities elsewhere are limited.

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