Breakfast buffet in Villa Tellina

Enjoy a tasty breakfast and stunning views. Breakfast is served daily 8am-10am 6th June-15th August 2023, 12€.

Regatta SPA Hotel breakfast buffet

Start your day by enjoying a delicious and varied breakfast buffet in good company! From the hot dishes at the breakfast table, you will find many >

B&B Korsman breakfast buffet

B&B Korsman offers breakfast on weekends in autumn and winter also for non-stayers. Weekend breakfast service is available until the end of May. >

Hotel Bulevard’s breakfast buffet

Start the day off right with a delicious breakfast! Hotel Bulevard’s breakfast buffet is served on weekdays 6.30 am-9.30 am and on weekends and >

Café Konttori

Hanko Granite Castle is situated in the Eastern Harbor.  

HSF Marine Café

A cozy cafe in the middle of Eastern harbour.