Beautiful villas

The beautiful old wooden villas in the Spa Park were built around the Hanko Spa around the turn of the 20th century. Some of the buildings still serve as guest houses and restaurants.

The villas, designed by well-known architects, represent a decorative wooden architecture. Many of the spa guests stayed in Hanko for the whole summer and were accommodated in the villas. The spa building was damaged during the Continuation War and was pulled down after that. The Spa Park is situated in the city center and most of it is part of Hanko’s national urban park

Guest Houses

Villa Maija with its decorative glass veranda is one of the Spa Park´s largest villas, dating from the 1880s. Ready-built in 1888, it was the director of
An idyllic villa on the seashore, near the amenities. Pensionat Tellina also includes Villa Thalatta. Rooms decorated in different styles, some with sea view
Bed & Breakfast accommodation in a villa built in 1904. The villa is situated in the beautiful Spa park and modernized (2015) to meet a more sophisticated