The Wonderful Winter in Hanko

The deep rustle of the wind screathing in your ears through a thick beenie, waves bigger than life and calm streets balancing out your mind´s quelms and questions. This is as close as you´ll ever get to being on an island –without being on one.

Come and experience Hanko in the wintertime. We offer you the best tips for a relaxing visit. Outside of the summer season Hanko is captivating and special. Hanko offers the beauty of the outer archipelago in a unique mix with silence, refreshing experiences, and above all, space for your own thoughts. Visit one of our charming cafes for a hot drink to stay warm and enjoy yourself!

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Enjoy a hot drink or sit down for a meal

After a refreshing day outdoors it is time for a delicious hot drink and freshly baked bun or do you prefer a tasty Café Latte? In the evening you can visit one of our inspiring restaurants.

Check out lunch restaurants and cafés here.

Check out restaurants here.


Hanko is a charming place all year round and there are many places worth discovering. You can choose a historic theme for your walk or just go with the flow

Enjoy ice skating and skiing in Hanko

Updated information about the ice skating rinks and skiing tracks is found here. The information is available in Finnish and Swedish.
For more information, please contact the tourist office.

Feel good in Hanko

The winter is a perfect time for relaxation and being present in this moment. It is easy to find options for taking care of your body and mind in Hanko. You can choose relaxing massage, yin yoga or visit one of many cosmetologists, hairdressers or health-therapists.
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Pamper yourself at Regatta Spa

Regatta Spa is a unique spa resort which combines the seaside atmosphere of Hanko city and the varied services of a luxury spa to form a unique experience. You can pamper yourself next to the beautiful sea-shore, train with top instructors as well as delight in the tastes conjured up by our chef.

Galleries and museums

The municipal library and gallery and artotheque

Changing exhibitions all year round in the gallery, and local art to rent and for sale in the artotheque. Further information on the webpage. ...

Hanko Museum

Hanko Museum is one of our city’s oldest buildings. They have a new exhibition every year about the fascinating history of Hanko. Opening...

Alan’s café: exhibitions

Smaller, changing art exhibitions all year round.

The Old Bank on Bulevardi

Are you looking for an inspiring and unusual creative meeting space for a day or two? Architect Ernst G. Hedman designed the Bank on Bulevardi for...

Hanko Front Museum

The museum presents the history of the Hanko Front during the years 1939 to 1941, when Hanko peninsula was occupied by the Soviet Union. Opening...

Town Hall Art Gallery

Changing exhibitions all year round. Further information on the webpage.

Please note that dogs are not allowed to run free in public places, but should be held in leash. The Finnish Hunting Act states that dogs must be kept on a
The unique shops in the town center serve you all year