Traffic arrangements in Hanko in summer 2022

Hanko town officials have decided on 25th April to ease traffic and prevent illegal parking by placing barriers in the Eastern Harbour area from 15th June to 15th August. Same applies to the small sandy road beside Casino restaurant from 1st June to 31st August. Please note that Appelgrenintie street is only one way when driving out from town centre.


Parking areas

Along Koulukatu street on the old football pitch there is a parking area with over 200 spaces. There’s a traffic sign directing you from Appelgrenintie street towards Puistokatu street. The pitch is available for parking until 16th August until schools start.

NB. the ball pitch is not in use during the event of Sea Horse week from about 20th July to 4th August.

There are two other public parking area. One of them is located beside Urheilutalo (Sports house), address Raatimiehenkatu 12 (exceptions would be if any competitions will take place at Urheilutalo). The second one is the sandy playing field of Keskuskoulu (Central school) on Esplanadi until school starts on 16th August.