Remote working in Hanko

Sometimes it does wonders to seek new environments to increase your inspiration. Hanko offers great possibilities for remote work. Here you can take your coffee breaks in the sun by the sea and relax completely after your work day by for instance walking to the southest point of Finland, take a bike ride round Hanko with the wind in your hair or enjoy a candlelight dinner in one of Hanko’s restaurants.


Public library of Hanko

Readingroom                 1.9-31.5             1.6-31.8               
Monday 9-20 9-19
Tuesday 9-20 9-19
Wednesday 9-20 9-19
Thursday 9-17 9-17
Friday 9-17 9-17
Saturday 10-14 10-14
Sunday Closed Closed
Excellent wifi and a lounge area that invites you to have small meetings and discussions. The offer 80 €/person/night includes your hotelstay in a room for