SE-Action’s programmes for groups cover a wide range, all from a relaxing moment by the open fire to eventful adventures.

Team activities, a narrative murder mystery, useful wilderness skills, cycling or water aerobics – we have the programme you are looking for. Over the years, SE-Action has built up extensive experience in delivering successful events and theme days. Our primary area of operation is West Uusimaa: our home is in Siuntio, but we organise programmes anywhere in the Uusimaa region.

Customised programme days naturally require suitable spaces: we handle rentals and other arrangements on your behalf.

Summer activities

Tulliniemi nature trail and the southernmost point of Finland

Where the mainland ends, you will encounter the endless sea and extraordinary maritime nature. On the southernmost tip you will find the Tulliniemi...

Sea kayaking tour

Are you looking for nature activities? Take a guided sea kayaking tour in Hanko’s beautiful waters.

Downhill Racers Beauty Contest 

Using the materials provided, each team builds an impressive, head-turning downhill racer. Every element has to be built from scratch. First come...

Team Rafting 

The ability of team members to cooperate successfully is tested as they construct a raft. Everyone is involved in designing and building their...

Team Challenge

Team Challenge is a perfect choice when you don’t want to break a sweat. Just take your mind of everyday routines and have fun with your...

City orienteering 

A fun way to get to know the interesting city of Hanko! Your group is divided into teams and each team is given a map. With the help of this and...