3 Birds in Hanko

The versatile nature in Hanko can also be observed in the birdlife. About 270 bird species are spotted yearly on the cape. Did you know that the Oystercatcher is the official bird of Hanko?

  • Sea eagleHaliaeetus albicilla
    The sea eagle can be spotted flying over the town daily. It is the largest of all daytime birds of prey in Northern Europe. Its wingspan can reach up to 2.5 metres. The sea eagle feeds on mainly fish and other birds.


  • Common eider duck, Somateria mollissimma
    The eider duck is one of the most common birds in our archipelago. It feeds nearly exclusively on blue mussels.


  • Oystercatcher, Haematopus ostralegus
    The Oystercatcher has a bright red beak, pink legs and red eyes. They are loud birds, which is possibly their most distinguishing feature. The Oystercatcher eats worms, but with the help of its strong beak it can also eat mussels and molluscs. It is the official bird of Hanko.