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Eggs at Dawn and Dusk

In the traditional small henhouse located in the village of Täktom there are about five hundred beautiful chickens prancing around in their brown spotted feather suits. In addition to keeping chickens Nisse Sjöberg cultivates ten different species of potatoes, as well as carrots, cabbage, dill and rhubarb. the tasty brown eggs, however, are his greatest asset, a real trump card.

– Eggs sell extremely well – I could sell even more, much more, says Nisse, who delivers to a couple of small businesses in Hanko in addition to direct sales at the farm.

In such a great demand are his eggs, though, that the shelves are often immediately empty in the stores.

– In the beginning we had fifty chickens, now we have five hundred; no space for more chickens, Nisse adds.

Brown spotted chickens trip freely about on the set of perches. Their eggs are collected every morning and evening; on average chickens lay eggs every second day.

Both Nisse’s father and grandfather have cultivated on this farm. Nisse is the third generation farmer in Täktom.

– I was born to work on this farm, there were no other choices, says Nisse, well known to people who live in Hanko, as well as to many visitors.

– The quality of my eggs has to be high, otherwise I do get feedback real fast when I walk in the downtown Hanko, Nisse adds smiling.

Nisse Sjöberg farm sales is located on the road to Täktom. Västankärrintie 40