3 Animals in Hanko

Learn more about the nature and you will enjoy your time in the nature even more.


  • FlounderPlatichthys flesus
    The flounder spends the largest part of its life lying on its one side on the sea bed. It is difficult to detect, since it camouflages itself and changes colour to match the colour of the sea bed. The flounder eats blue mussels and Baltic clams in particular.


  • Grey sealHalichoerus grypus
    With a little bit of luck you can spot the grey seal in Hanko daily, as there are over 12 000 grey seals in the Baltic. They are particularly common in the outer archipelago. In comparison to the ringed seal the grey seal has got a longer nose and no angle between its forehead and its nose.


  • Moon jellyfish or common jellyfish, Aurelia aurita
    The moon jellyfish is particularly common by the beaches in the autumn. A distinguishing feature is the four pale pink or slightly yellow sexual organs in the center of the jellyfish, which look like ears or rings. The moon jellyfish feeds on zooplankton and fry and is limited to using its whole body when gathering food. It uses its tentacles to kill or stun its prey. In the Baltic the moon jellyfish is 5-20 cm in diameter. It is harmless to humans.