15 reasons to visit Hanko all year round

Hanko is magical all year round. Come enjoy various activities and unique cultural experiences. Pick and choose from the list of recommendations – there is something for everyone.

Places to visit

The idyllic Gunnarsinranta

Go for a walk on the shore of the infinite sea, surrounded by unique nature. The lovely fishermens’ sheds of Gunnarsinranta are a must-see.

Wonderful walks

You can choose a historical theme for your walk or you can enjoy nature and visit a log cabin, which is open for anyone to visit. Check out the options here.

Camping Silversand

Silversand is located about 4 km from the town center right by the sea by a wonderful sandy beach. There are several saunas where you can get to enjoy the refreshing steam and admire wonderful sunsets. There is also a restaurant on the area.

The impressive water tower

The water tower rises about 65 meters above sea level and offers the most spectacular view. The tower is 48 meters tall. See the opening hours here.

The Hanko water tower is part of the Architecture Walk. Order the guide book here or collect from the tourist office.

Hanko Town Library’s services

The Hanko Town Library has a stylish reading room, a cozy winter garden and quiet working spaces. Library services include storage lockers, copying and printing services, and a free mobile phone charging station.

Cultural experiences

Kino Olympia – a rare treasure

Get settled into a soft red velvet seat and travel back in time to 1940’s Hanko. The Olympia sign shines as intensely blue above the entrance today as it did more than 60 years ago. The unique box office is an attraction in itself.

Hanko Front Museum

Located on the wartime front block, the Hanko Front Museum showcases events on the Hanko front during the war years 1939–1941. The exhibitions include for example ”Hanko in foreign hands” and ”Hanko Front 80 years”.

Fascinating exhibitions

If you like art, you might enjoy the exhibitions at the Town Hall Gallery and the Gallery in Hanko library. The exhibitions vary regularly throughout the year. Enjoy the works of local artists at Alan’s Café.

Go for a sculpture tour

Hanko has an interesting selection of sculptures from different eras and artists. One of the most famous ones is Carl-Gustav Lilius. Discover interesting sculptures around Hanko.

There are many monuments that remind us of war times, such as the Statue of Liberty in the town center.

Hanko Tourist Office’s tips of the week

Check out the list of events that Hanko Tourist Office do not think you should miss.


Frisbee golf

In Hanko you can play frisbee golf on different courses in wonderful landscapes and varied terrain. You can borrow discs from the tourist office in exchange for a deposit.


Hanko offers the longest golf season in Finland – the course is open for players from early spring sometimes even to December. A par 72 and 18 hole green courses awaits you in Hanko.

In the year-round golf simulator, you can practice your swing even when the golf course is closed.


Bowling is a suitable hobby for people of all ages and fitness levels, which you can play alone, with a group or your whole family. It’s rather a relaxed activity.


From cycling in the town to mountain biking – Hanko offers it all! Go sightseeing on a classic Jopo bike and experience Hanko’s fascinating history, or explore the charming nature on a mountain bike. You can also cycle the 19 km, signposted route.


Tennis has a long history in Hanko. The first courts were built by the Hanko spa in the 1880’s in the same place the courts are today. The first official championship was played in 1905 and it is considered to be the first in the whole of Finland.

There are plenty of tennis courts and a brand-new tennis hall called Regatta Courts which has recently launched its operation in Hanko.