Lübeck-Helsinki poster 67x100cm

Price: 47 € (+postal fee in Finland) This poster is for the Finnish shipping company Helsingfors Ångfartygs Aktiebolags and their route to >

Space in Hanko-Hangö

Poster 50 x 70 cm: 39 € (+postal fee) Runner-up in My Finland Poster 2021 The artist Mio Okubo presents her artwork: Many travel magazines that >

The Riviera of Finland

Poster 50 x 70 cm: 39 € (+postal fee, in Finland) By Fanny Törnqvist Finnish travel poster of the year, winner of My Finland Poster 2021 The >

Come To Finland

This is Poster de Luxe! These posters belongs to our Custom Print series and will be printed individually for you. The poster is printed in Finland >

My Finland Poster 2021

Stay tuned for the final results on May 6, 2021. Meanwhile: check out modern and vintage Finland travel posters here!

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Sea Horse Week

Sea Horse Week is one of the biggest events in Hanko every summer. The competition lasts almost a week per summer, Wednesday–Sunday. There are >

Kids´ Hanko

Spring, summer, fall and winter – there is always something to do in Hanko if you ask Anja. She has many favourites to share with someone who would >

Hot Spot for birdwatchers

In the early spring, March and April, one can see lots of migratory birds, when the rest of Finland is still in hibernation. The best spots are the >

24 h in Hanko

We gathered some ideas from which you can plan your own kind of day trip. You could start with lunch, and let yourself have the time to enjoy >

Finlands kitesurfing mecca

In addition to that, Hanko is situated on a headland, so whatever the direction of the wind, there will always be a beach where you can kitesurf. The >

A dog´s Hanko

I’m a very brave dog so naturally I’ve tried most of the things that my owners enjoy to do. We’ve sailed, stand up paddled, ridden >

A guides recommendations

– Guided tours with their limited time seldom allow longer walks, but I can always recommend excursions on your own to some of my own favourite >

Beautiful pension of Hanko

– I feel deep pride and joy to be able to represent a bridge between the past and modern times. We need something soft, eternal and authentic >